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Get Spooked at Historical Haunted Buildings

Published on NewsOK Published: October 18, 2013

Photo: harshlight/Flickr.comThere's nothing quite like a good haunted house, especially when you have a real storyteller giving you the scoop on the otherworldly residents of the place. Every Halloween, some of the best opportunities for touring and staying in haunted houses arise, including historic homes with fascinating architectural and cultural histories in their own right...and a few cold spots to testify to the unrest of their previous residents, along with mysterious flashing lights and appliances that keep electricians up at night!

Where will YOU be going this Halloween?

Emlen Physick Estate

Head to Cape May, New Jersey, for a look at a home that's already spooky on the outside, and just gets eerier on the inside. A luscious herb garden testifies to its former use as a production site for medicinal herbs, and allegedly it's not the only thing that lingers from the past...supposedly ghosts wander the grounds, and you might just encounter them if you pop in for a visit.

Carnton Plantation

Carrie McGavock sits guard over the Civil War graves neighboring her home, which wouldn't be that unusual, except for the fact that she's been dead for over 100 years. That doesn't seem to stop her, though -- people routinely claim to see her ghost at this beautiful Southern home.

Carlyle House

This Alexandria, Virginia home was built in the early 1750s. The handsome Georgian design goes well with the rich history of the home, including a brief stint as a Civil War hospital. Every year, the home's caretakers organize special Halloween events for all those ghost hunters out there, including a restaging of the original owner's funeral!

Prospect Place Mansion

Once a stop on the Underground Railroad, this Dresden, Ohio home was built in the 1850s. At the time, it had a number of advanced features, only to fall into disrepair in the late 20th century. Fortunately it was saved from the wrecking ball, but ghosts still haunt its hallways. Allegedly, the ghost of Constance Cox, a young woman who fell from a balcony at the home in its heyday, is a consistent presence at the mansion.

Woodburn Mansion

It's the official residence of the Governor of Delaware, but it's also allegedly haunted by a boozing ghost who empties out liquor bottles in the cellar. He's no less than the builder of the 1798 mansion, which just goes to show you that it's always a good idea to make sure to get your keys from the contractor once the job is finished!

The Hermitage

You'd expect a former President's home to be kept in great shape as a national treasure, and Andrew Jackson's home is no exception. This stunning Knoxville, TN structure was restored in 1835 after a ruinous fire, and it's been kept largely intact ever since. Allegedly, a phantom horseman, said to be Jackson himself, wanders the halls. You can judge for yourself during the Hauntings at the Hermitage events every October.

House of Seven Gables

Photo: Jennifer Boyer/Flickr.comBuilt in the 1660s and immortalized in the Nathaniel Hawthorne book of the same name, this highly historic home is set in one of the most infamous cities in the US: Salem, Massachusetts. A female ghost allegedly haunts the halls of the home and can sometimes be glimpsed through the windows -- the only real surprise here is that there's only one ghost in a nearly 340-year-old home!

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