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Getting Oklahoma driver's license challenging

Published: June 22, 2013

I recently moved to Oklahoma from Texas. Last week I went to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety to change my driver's license from Texas to Oklahoma. I made an online, in-line appointment for 10:15 a.m. I arrived early and waited for my name to be called. There was no place to sit down. I had my Texas driver's license, birth certificate, passport and Social Security card. The clerk said that my name and my Social Security card number didn't match up and I'd have to go to the Social Security office and get it straightened out before I could get a license.

I'm 85. I've received Social Security checks for 22 years. I'm a World War II veteran who's worked with top secret clearance on several aerospace and electronic programs overseas. I had an international driving license. How is it possible for me to have gotten benefits without my name and Social Security number matching? I did go to the Social Security office and was told that there's no problem with my name and number not matching.

I'll try again next week to get an Oklahoma driver's license. Something needs to be done about the DPS driver's license department and the way it does business.

Marinus VanHeel, Midwest City

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