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Gina Mizell: Expect Clint Chelf at QB for Oklahoma State in 2013

The Oklahoman's Gina Mizell took questions from readers in today's Oklahoma State Power Lunch Chat. Here's a recap of the Q&A.
Oklahoman Modified: March 27, 2013 at 3:49 pm •  Published: March 27, 2013


So you think 8-5 is a good mark?

That's a different question.

TCU's new stadium is getting a lot of attention on ESPN's website lately. Have you had a chance to assess how OSU’s football facilities now rank in the Big 12?

Yeah, I've heard a lot about TCU's new stadium. Look forward to visiting there in 2014. OSU's facilities still rank near the top of the nation. And they continue to update and upgrade them. The area where we did our interviews before practice the other day was already completely updated with Fatheads from the Heart of Dallas Bowl, and with walk-ons that went on to have an impact at OSU. The turf at BPS certainly needs updating, but I'd imagine that will happen soon. And the indoor facility will be a big plus once it's finished, and it's almost there.

There is a lot of talk about Rob Glass and his strength and conditioning. Does OSU have a comparable person working with the basketball team?

Jake Manzelmann is the guy for men's hoops, and has been at OSU for several years. I haven't gone inside that offseason program enough to know how they specifically compare. Training for football and hoops are obviously two different animals, too. But, yes, Rob Glass is known as one of the best in the business.

Does Rob Glass work directly in conjunction with the athletic training staff at OSU? Or is he a separate entity more aligned with the coaching staff?

He works closely with both. His office and the football training room are both in the West End Zone. Also important to note that while Glass is the king of the football program, many of his staff members who work with football also work with other teams. For instance, Gary Calcagno works with wrestling. Nick Hoheisel works with women's hoops.

Who is more likely to be better for the next decade, OSU or OU?

Man, if I could predict what will happen in 2023, I would be cashing in on that skill and not sitting at this computer. Let's just say I think both programs are in good shape with the staffs and resources they have in place.

With Ben Howland being fired do you see the dominoes falling at other schools so that someone might have an interest in Travis Ford?

Always difficult to predict how the coaching dominoes will fall. One decision can affect another five coaches, it seems. And some hires are always out of left field. Remember Bret Bielema to Arkansas — who saw that coming? The way the season ended for OSU will hurt Ford's stock a bit, I'd imagine, but the guy has shown he can recruit ... and this was still a resurgent program for the Cowboys. I don't think he goes anywhere, but again, who really knows?

Does Mike Holder look at what happen at Minnesota as an example of what could possible happen at OSU? The situations seem very similar to one another.

I'm not familiar enough with the specifics of the situation at Minnesota (I assume you mean with Tubby Smith's tenure and firing) to properly judge or make that comparison. Did Smith have a really long contract? We could talk about Ford's 10-year contract forever. It was a questionable move, at best. But what's done is done.