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Gina Mizell: Power Lunch Chat transcript, Oct. 2, 2012

The Oklahoman's Gina Mizell took questions from readers in today's OSU Power Lunch Chat. Join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday on
Gina Mizell, Staff Writer, Modified: October 2, 2012 at 11:41 am •  Published: October 2, 2012

How is Wes Lunt Progressing?

Well, it sounds like. Gundy spoke about this on his Sirius XM radio appearance yesterday, saying he could get back to practice by the end of the week. If he isn't ready for Kansas, I'd expect he'll be back by Iowa State. Seems like it's all going smoothly.

So, even if Texas had fumbled on its last TD, could the fumble have been looked at and OSU been given the ball because that wasn't the reason for the initial review?

Please help us change the stupid rule when they go to replay and use common sense! The goal is to get the call right, not have little nuance rules -- just see what happened -- fumble and OSU recovered and get it right. Give the replay guy all the power on a scoring play. It is ridiculous with the technology we have to "back up" refs on a bad call.

I'll address both of these, since they both talk about that last fumble. As noted in my story for Monday, a good Big 12 officiating source said the replay call was correct, that there wasn't enough to overturn the call. An OSU player would have needed to clearly recover the ball BEFORE the scrum. Once it got into a pile, the "clear" goes away. Whether he crossed the plane before fumbling was...debatable. But at best for OSU, that play would not have been called a TD, but UT would have had the ball on the half-yard line and the clock would have been running, likely taking away any chance for that possible miracle lateral play. Again, that's not why OSU lost that game. The fourth-and-6 play was.

Despite completely fumbling the snap, how awesome was it to see Quinn punt left-footed?

Wasn't Quinn Sharp's left-footed boot incredible? I mean, really!

Again, we've got some minds thinking alike here. That was a pretty impressive recovery and punt by Sharp. Most players in the country wouldn't be able to do that.

Do you see the Cowboys beating KSU and WVU?

Both of those games will be very, very tough. WVU's offense is just insane, but they likely won't be able to stop OSU, either. K-State obviously plays a completely different style, and that game is on the road. Before the season, I predicted both of those as losses, and I still see it that way. With the parity in the Big 12, though, OSU can definitely win both of those games.

That block by Randle was one of my favorite plays of the game.

Nothing to add here. Just thought I'd throw your comment in.

What was the tone of the crowd after the game? First loss (at home) in a while. I think I read about a full round of applause for the team after the game despite the disappointment?

Yes, standing ovation. Gundy tipped his cap to the crowd Sunday night, and Mack Brown did the same yesterday.

Commentary on Markelle Martin today was on the money. While our corners might have been slightly over-hyped, it seems Martin took a lot of pressure off of them. If that is true, and in your opinion, what is the best way to fix that problem?

That's a great question--something I plan to write about today. The secondary play, and the corners specifically, has been the most surprising (disappointing) development so far in the early season. They're getting beat 1-on-1, getting PI calls and not getting interceptions. I hope to get some insight from Bill Young and those corners this week to see what can be corrected. Maybe they're allowing too much space? They rarely play right up on a receiver.

OSU's schedule just got more difficult. 3 of the next 4 vs. Top 15 teams, the other game vs. the team that gave OSU its only loss last season.

No game, besides Kansas presumably, will be easy from here on out. I honestly see any other team beating anybody else on any given week. Difficult for teams and the coaches. Fun for the fans, because predicting these games is nearly impossible. I have no idea which team is going to win this conference.

Could it be that the key to helping out our corners is more pressure on the quarterback? Isn't Texas one of the best offensive lines OSU will face? We seemed milliseconds away from getting to the Ash.

Very good point. Pressure on the QB obviously always helps things. Forces the QB into sometimes making poor decisions, which could allow a corner to make a play.