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Girl Scouts raise money by sending people 'Over the Edge'

As part of a media opportunity for an Over the Edge events with the Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma, The Oklahoman’s Jonathan Sutton got the chance to rappel down the side of Leadership Square.
by Jonathan Sutton Published: August 23, 2014

I only got a little nervous when the man strapped into a harness told me he loves pushing people over the edge of tall buildings.

As we were walking down the green-carpeted hallway on the 16th floor of Leadership Square, I realized I was at a point of no return.

There was a photographer there to document my expected triumph of the downtown Oklahoma City building, and I wasn’t going to go down as a coward. Plus, the instructor said I wasn’t allowed to run while in my rappelling harness.

But as I walked out on the balcony, I got a sudden boost of confidence. I took in the view of downtown Oklahoma City and decided there was only one way I wanted to get down from there, and it was over the side of that building.

Gimme Storm Shelter

The Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma are raising money to build a storm shelter at their camp near Marlow, and a number of people who helped raise money will get the opportunity to rappel down the side of Leadership Square on Saturday.

So far, the Girl Scouts have raised about $70,000 toward the storm shelter.

The above-ground shelter is going to cost about $265,000 and will be FEMA EF5 rated.

It will fit about 300 people and will double as a classroom and activity space, said Shannon Evers, Girl Scouts of Oklahoma CEO.

“It will be a great space for the girls to go and get out of bad weather year-round,” Evers said.

To help raise the money, the Girl Scouts partnered with Over the Edge, a company that puts on rappelling events for non-profit organizations.

Anyone who managed to raise $1,000 or more will get the opportunity to rappel down the side of Leadership Square on Saturday, under the supervision of Over the Edge employees and Girl Scout volunteers.

In addition to the rappelling, the event will have a kids carnival with bounce houses and other fun activities.

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