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by Berry Tramel Published: September 30, 2008

is is a two-way street. If you're one of those fans who would prefer the Hornets had stayed, you can't be mad at any of the Boomers for lamenting leaving Seattle.

You can't blame the players for loving Seattle. I spent four days there earlier this month. It's a fabulous city, especially if you've got quite a bit of money, which pro basketball players usually do.

The water. The scenery. PikePlace Market. Eating salmon on the pier.

OKC has its charms, too, but they're not as obvious. Here in Middle America, places take time to grow on you.

But Thunder fever insures that Oklahoma will grow fast on these players.

"The city has embraced us,” said Jeff Green. "That's the best part of moving here. That's one of the key things I keep hearing about, the people. I've experienced nothing but the best.”

Said Watson, "The people always make a city.”

Soon enough, Collison and the gang will take to OKC just fine. And OKC will wonder why it ever wanted the Hornets.

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