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Going baroque

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Modified: November 16, 2012 at 2:32 pm •  Published: November 16, 2012

-The velvet jacket. Let's face it, velvet just screams holiday celebrations, and it's been a favorite of elegant ladies forever. The longer, buttoned up "princess" style jackets are one way to get the Downton luxe life. Add a faux fur scarf and you've really got it wrapped up.

-The long skirt. The perfect "go-with" for the buttoned-up jackets. Of course, the modern take on this trend is a high slit. Just wear tights and boots and you'll be striding down the city streets in anything but a hobbled gait!

-The harem pants. Well, Lady Sybil did her best to inject a little exotic Bohemian style into the prim and proper manor house crowd, but so did her contemporaries in this era when fashion and interior decorating both shared a love of all things from the Far East.

-The accessories. Now, here's where it really gets fun to dress up again. Who doesn't like an elbow-length pair of opera gloves? Or an exquisite beaded headpiece? Or a huge, oversized hat? Or a pair of embroidered laced-up evening boots? How about an ornate needlepoint clutch?

-Pastel florals. Well, the dress up fun doesn't end this holiday season. Watch for soft, pastel floral dresses to float your way next spring. By then, we will all be ready to play again.