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Going Green

Oklahoman Published: May 1, 2010
– Kyle Hesser, Putnam City High School freshman

→“I recycle large amounts of paper. I also try to recycle cans and plastic bottles.” – Madison Foster, Harding Charter Prep junior

→“It is our responsibility to make a change in the way we live in order for the environment to get any better. I recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum cans. When I have unwanted glass and electronics I make the effort to recycle them to make the environment a safer place.” – Lanice George, Mustang High School senior

Are high school students environmentally conscious?

→“I would say that only small populations of high school kids are environmentally conscious. (The) majority of teenagers don’t give ‘going green’ much importance, and it is something that is disastrous in the long run.” – Nadia Enchassi, Aztec Charter School junior

→“I think high school students are some of the most passionate advocates for the environment and its conservation/preservation.” – Linh Nguyen, Edmond Memorial High School senior

→“We should not take things for granted. We should want to prevent the Earth from becoming worse off and then realizing it too late.” – Bayan Abdallat, Dove Science Academy sophomore

→“High-schoolers are more environmentally conscious than before, but there's still a lot of room for improvement. At my school, we have recycling bins for paper in almost every classroom.” – Nour Kayali, Classen School of Advanced Studies freshman