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Going with the FLOH

By Timothy R. Schulte Published: January 21, 2010

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p /> To help your parents, grandparents and other older relatives feel at ease with the Web-savvy of today’s weddings, Henderson outlines a few suggestions:

Remind Them of Cost Savings
When booking hotel rooms or making airliner reservations, “[You can] get good deals if you know how to do it online,” says Henderson. “Especially today with everything so costly, if you can find a less expensive way to do it, that’s so important.”

Feeling Secure with Online Purchases
“That is a worry,” says Henderson, noting that now she does more online shopping. Her tip: “Guide people to stores where they know their cards will be protected and where they’re not going to get ripped off.”

A Little Goes a Long Way
Everyone’s busy, and sometimes it’s even tough to connect on the phone. E-mailing or sitting down for a quick video-chat is a simple way to keep family in the loop on wedding details without laborious phone calls. “I think for me it’s being able to stay connected,” Henderson says.

Be a Cheerleader
“[My kids] know how I like to stay with it. They would always be encouraging me,” says Henderson. “I’ve always wanted to be relevant and know what’s going on,” says Henderson. “Being a part of something so vast and so big … it makes me feel younger.”