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GOP conceded moral and fiscal discussions to Democrats

Published: December 12, 2012

The more I hear establishment Republicans talk, the more I'm convinced they've conceded the moral and fiscal discussion to the Democrats. Afraid of being called racists by a compliant media and attack dogs in the administration, they fall on their swords when forced to confront the most left-wing socialistic president in history. They've decided that conservatism is the real problem, calling such practitioners out of touch, extreme and not representative of the mainstream populous.

Their solution is to attempt a political lobotomy by making themselves more acceptable and loved like Democrats, which they're doing at breakneck speed. Soon the distinction between the two parties will not only be blurred, it will be nonexistent. Head honchos of the party insist that we must embrace moral relativism, pay for unaffordable encumbrances, accept extreme dogmas, disregard unconstitutional precepts and placate certain voters by becoming more tolerant of lawbreakers and deviants. Political expediency becomes the primary goal and re-election the Holy Grail. They attempt to convince us with an endless parade of people saying they'll not give in, but their words are little more than empty platitudes.

Barack Obama has no desire to negotiate on any issue, pushing only his agenda of stripping citizens of their liberty through regulation and taxation. His idea of negotiation is to give him everything he wants. The party of Ronald Reagan is going over its own cliff.

Dale Long, Gate

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