GOP memo: Hillary Clinton gets almost $50 million in free media to hype book, candidacy Published: June 13, 2014

The Washington Examiners reports the mainstream media's rush to give Hillary Clinton a platform to pitch her new memoir, Hard Choices, has provided the likely 2016 presidential candidate almost $50 million in free advertising, according to a GOP memo.

And, said the Republican National Committee, none of the media outlets that have gushed about the book and given the former secretary of state a chance to discuss her agenda and defend her record have offered the GOP rebuttal time.

“Almost $50 million. That’s the amount of free media Hillary Clinton has received so far on her ‘book tour.’ (And not one network has provided time for a Republican response),” said the memo from RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer.

H/T: Drudge Report

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