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GOP must become more inclusive

Published: November 14, 2012

Regarding “Results showed GOP must change approach in future” (Our Views, Nov. 09): I take issue with the idea that Romney lost his bid for the presidency because the GOP failed to “pay attention to Latinos.” The GOP problem runs much deeper than courting Latino voters. The GOP needs to rethink its ideology toward minorities, including women. The GOP fought against the Dream Act that would have provided a path to citizenship for children brought to this country illegally but living here as Americans and working toward prosperity.

In the case of women, the GOP soundly refused to embrace the idea that women should receive equal pay for equal work. These “good ol' boy” ideas are a turnoff for women and the families who rely on their income. The GOP must become more of an inclusive party by not just courting minorities and women, but rather making an ideological adjustment toward fairness and equality that include these demographics.

Jeanine L. Ridener, Oklahoma City