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Gov. Mary Fallin's work promoting CNG important to state's economy

Published: May 14, 2012

Gov. Mary Fallin recognizes the opportunity of using Oklahoma's own natural gas as a transportation fuel. Her recent actions underscore her commitment to developing the natural gas fuels market for the benefit of Oklahoma and the country's energy future. By recruiting 12 of her fellow governors to pledge to purchase state fleet compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, and by encouraging automakers to make them affordable, Fallin is creating substantial demand for Oklahoma's natural gas.

Fallin's leadership stems from her history of successful private and public partnerships in the CNG market. Under the governor's watch, we've seen the number of CNG stations grow considerably across the state. Today, it's possible to drive across Oklahoma on CNG as the state boasts more than 70 existing and planned public CNG stations. The governor's current initiative stands to further develop the natural gas market, lower fuel costs and make use of our country's current natural gas glut.

From a local perspective, the governor's actions are even more strategic: More natural gas demand means more drilling, more investment in Oklahoma, more high-quality jobs and more local tax revenue. And ultimately, CNG's affordability makes smart business sense. I applaud the governor for her work promoting a resource so important to our state's economy, and I appreciate her work establishing Oklahoma as the model for energy innovation.

Taylor Shinn, Oklahoma City

Shinn is senior director of corporate development at Chesapeake Energy Corp.