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Government can lead you through the maze of life

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer Published: November 18, 2012

President Obama isn't a president for all of the people. He was elected by blacks, Latinos, trade unions and young people who don't know who Joe Biden is. And with a lot of Chicago politics added to the mix. Another four years of Obama will result in a national debt of at least $20 trillion, liberals in all federal judge positions and the destruction of our oil and gas industry — to name just a few. This election was the last chance to get America started on the road to recovery.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are two of the smartest and most honorable men in this country. They should have been elected on this comparison alone. Four more years of Obama and his cronies is the last thing this country needs. Good luck, America. You're going to need it! Don't worry, though. You'll have some government agency to take you by the hand and lead you through the maze of life.

Harold L. Young, Edmond