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Government doesn't enforce current gun laws

Published: May 4, 2013

Where did Joyce Gibb (Your Views, April 27) get her information that 90 percent of Americans want expanded gun background checks? The contrary is true. What 90 percent of Americans want is prosecution of those who break the present federal gun laws. Most vendors at gun shows are licensed federal firearms dealers. They wouldn't risk losing their licenses (and possibly going to prison) for not submitting a background check for a gun sale.

Committing a crime with a firearm is an automatic five years in prison. This is the first thing that's plea-bargained away. Any felon caught with a firearm gets an automatic five years in prison! This is another thing that's plea-bargained away. The federal government won't prosecute criminals who break the present gun laws. Why would you think it would enforce any new gun laws?

Mike Eaton, Oklahoma City