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Government indoctrination of students

Modified: April 16, 2013 at 4:46 pm •  Published: April 17, 2013

Regarding “Young conservatives receptive to gay rights” (Point of View, April 3): Joe Fairbanks' claim that the “trend originates from our personal interactions” is an emotional reaction with no standing in court. Conservative ideals haven't changed over the years concerning the definition of marriage. The Republican Oklahoma House recently reaffirmed (84-0) that marriage is acceptable only between a man and a woman. Conservative ideals come from our leading forefathers, who based laws upon sound, moral standing and taught that otherwise it would be “anything goes.”

American schools initially were based upon the moral standards of the Bible. Biased education has confused our youths' understanding of their gender and purpose. Parents should have the major influence on their child's education, but many misguided leaders have undermined parental authority and moral influence in the name of “individual rights” through indoctrination. Unfortunately, “anything goes” today.

Fairbanks should personally interact with more decades-married conservative couples on government and marriage issues.

Diane Carkhuff, Midwest City

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