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Government will mismanage health care like it mismanages everything else

Oklahoman Published: July 7, 2012

Since leopards, business managers and politicians don't change their spots, we can predict what'll happen under Obamacare. Let's say you work for Alpha Company. Alpha's competitors are Beta Company and Gamma Company. They provide the same products and services that Alpha does. Alpha and Beta are well managed, but Gamma isn't. When Obamacare kicks in, Gamma is already losing customers to Alpha and Beta. To keep from going out of business, Gamma's manager quits paying half of his employees' premiums. For doing this, the government fines him, but the fine is less than the money he saves. And now he can charge less for his products and services, and consequently, Alpha's and Beta's customers start buying from Gamma.

Alpha and Beta, to keep from going out of business, are forced to stop participating in their employees' insurance plans. Now the employees of all three companies are paying double for their insurance. Under Obamacare, insurance companies can't refuse to insure a person's prior condition, so people stop buying insurance until they need it. To keep from going out of business, the insurance companies have to significantly raise their premiums. The government institutes price controls, and now the insurance companies go out of business, and people are forced to participate in the government's health plan.

The government will mismanage health care like it mismanages everything else. The quality of health care will significantly decline and taxes will have to be significantly raised. Just like in Europe.

Mike Jones, Oklahoma City

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