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Gridlock and partisan polarization stall progress

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer Published: November 2, 2012

Now more than ever, we need a president who understands and embraces the concept of bipartisan cooperation in dealing with our serious challenges — someone whose practical experience, proven leadership and genuine motivation are clear, someone who will engender trust on both sides of the aisle. That man is Mitt Romney.

However, recent history demonstrates that it may not matter who sits in the Oval Office. Congressional gridlock and spiraling partisan polarization all but ensure that courageous decisions required to deal with our critical challenges won't be made. They'll be put off until the next term — and then to the next. Both parties are guilty.

Sen. Tom Coburn has said the rise of “careerism” in Congress is our most serious problem in government. He contends that the absence of term limits virtually assures that our toughest issues will continue to be pushed to the future. Unfortunately, the people can't impose term limits by a vote. We can't have a referendum on national ballots. Such change could be effected if Congress passed a constitutional amendment, but most members of Congress wouldn't see this as being in their best interest.

We must, therefore, demand the reform through a grassroots movement. It's time to return government to the people.

Bruce Stover, Oklahoma City