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'Grimm' star gives Guthrie high marks, enjoys role in hit drama

Silas Weir Mitchell discusses a previous filming visit to Guthrie and his work on the hit NBC drama “Grimm.”
BY MELISSA HAYER Staff Writer Published: March 8, 2013

Q: How challenging is working on the special effects aspect of “Grimm?”

A: Luckily, I don't have to get into the full makeup every time, because that is extremely time-consuming, so they find lots of ways around it. There's not enough time in the day for me to do the full makeup every time I morph. There's tracking technology, CGI. Sometimes there's a body double. So, they've found ways to streamline it.

The one time that I've really done the full makeup, it took about six or seven hours to get into and a couple of hours to get out of. Now, granted, that was the first time they did it, and that stuff gets faster. They probably could've gotten it down to four hours or something, but, still, that's a third of the day, and then you have to consider taking it off. So, there are ways around my having to actually get into the makeup.

Q: Is there a particular “Grimm” creature that's appeared in any of the episodes that you've thought was really interesting or was maybe a favorite?

A: Yeah, well there was one called a Murcielago, which was like a bat creature that I thought was really well designed and well done. They have incredibly good hearing, and they can make a really high-pitched screeching noise that could sort of shatter glass, I think. That was just a really well-designed creature, and they used less computer graphics and more actual physical makeup for that creature, and it just looked really good.

Q: The creative names of these creatures must be fun for the cast to pronounce?

A: They are. It's like a challenge what they're going to throw at you next.

Q: The friendship between Monroe and Nick has been entertaining to watch as it evolves.

A: Yeah, it's really fun. We crack each other up. Yesterday we had some fun. There's a very funny scene that was hard to get through because we kept laughing, which is great, but it also sometimes is a little time-consuming because you have to keep starting over. There are some really fun scenes coming up that are less sort of creature-oriented and more relationship-oriented in certain areas. That's fun to watch the characters develop alongside of each other.