Gun a good option for your protection

Published: August 18, 2012

Regarding “OSBI grants permits to carry firearm publicly in Oklahoma” (Aug. 12): The other morning I was sitting in my backyard enjoying the cooler temperatures when my neighbor's dog began its usual incessant barking. I closed my eyes and tried to continue to tune out the barking dog and listen to the birds and other sounds of nature, but the dog continued the annoying barking. Then I heard my neighbor come out his back door. I yelled over the fence and said, “Hey neighbor, does that dog do anything besides bark? Why do you have it?” He replied, “I keep the dog for protection.” I yelled back across the fence, “Have you considered buying a gun instead? It doesn't bark and you don't have to feed it.”

Suddenly, there was silence again in my backyard.

Jeffrey Silcox, Oklahoma City


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