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Guthrie boy, 12, lost 85 pounds and hopes to inspire others

Guthrie youth transforms himself from an obese 206 pounds to a healthy 120 pounds.
BY RICK ROGERS Published: August 8, 2012

“I've met Jared Fogle (spokesman for Subway sandwich shops) and two people from ‘The Biggest Loser.' I don't know how many kids I've inspired, but reaching out to them is cool. I think it's more impactful when kids reach out to kids.”

People who have lost a significant amount of weight agree that just as their weight gain was gradual, it's foolish to think that success will happen overnight. Diet and exercise will yield results, but once the weight has been lost, you can't revert to old habits. It takes a lifestyle change to keep the weight off.

“Losing 85 pounds took work, and it happened one step at a time,” Harvey said. “Take it slow and easy at first, and as you start adjusting, push a little harder. Each day try to make a smart choice and then gradually make more. I'm glad I chose to do this because now I feel so much better about myself.”

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