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Halfway house escapes, misconducts are common in Oklahoma, but rarely endanger the community

Escapes and misconducts are plentiful among Oklahoma halfway houses, although the inmates rarely do anything except get themselves in trouble.
Oklahoman Published: July 15, 2012

Assaults, threats or crimes considered sexual in nature were rare compared with the most common infractions recorded.

Numerous inmates also were cited for “monetary misconduct,” or not turning over the money they received while working on the outside.

Corrections Department spokesman Jerry Massie said inmates can work in a variety of jobs.

“Halfway house inmates can work on crews that work for county, city or the state government, but they can also go out and look for jobs in the community,” Massie said.

Massie said the opportunity to earn money while doing time can help prevent an inmate's return to prison once they are released.

“One of the problems they face is getting out without any money,” he said. “It helps them build up a nest egg, if you will, and they have to pay back some of that to the state, which helps defer the cost to the state.”

Records for the recently completed 2012 fiscal year weren't available from the Corrections Department.

Andrew Knittle, Staff Writer