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Hall of Famer Steve Largent hopes plaque at Putnam City inspired students to succeed

BY SCOTT WRIGHT, Staff Writer, Published: November 1, 2012

But he points to key moments in his life at Putnam City that pulled him out of difficult situations and pushed him toward greatness.

“As the turmoil at my house erupted, I would turn to my friends and coaches to basically get out of the house, whether it was for football or baseball,” he said. “That was a real refuge for me, to be involved in athletics and feel some camaraderie with your teammates and coaches that you didn't feel at your house.”

The plaque at Putnam City, Largent hopes, won't be looked at as a celebration of his career, but a reminder of what can be accomplished, even out of a bad situation.

“Like I told the kids, I want this to represent a symbol of encouragement and hope about your future,” he said. “Maybe you didn't have the best grades at Putnam City High School. Go on and get better grades and establish yourself in whatever your future will be.

“There are people who weren't straight-A students and have excelled beyond high school and college. This should serve as a beacon of hope. And I hope that it is. That's the reason I came back.”