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Has Marcus Smart's draft stock suffered? Published: February 10, 2014

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Before this season, Marcus Smart was penciled in as a sure-fire lottery pick in the NBA Draft, with status as a top 6-7 pick a high probability.

What about now? After Saturday's incident in Lubbock and with the Cowboys on a four-game losing streak, what's Smart's draft stock look like today to NBA general managers?

ESPN's Jeff Goodman surveys a half-dozen NBA GMs and high-level executives to break down the state of Smart's draft stock.

Some samples of GM reactions:

“Yes. When you are loved more for your intangibles than your tangibles to begin with, how can it not?” one GM asked rhetorically.

"Heavens no," one NBA general manager responded whether the Texas Tech incident will alter his draft stock. "His shooting does."

"I think it will make teams dig a little harder on him," added another. "It may be a red flag."

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