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Health and fitness briefs for June 10, 2014

Health and fitness briefs for June 10, 2014
Oklahoman Modified: June 9, 2014 at 3:48 pm •  Published: June 10, 2014


Try this: Sometimes, say no

Learn to say no.

Learning how to decline a request is an important life skill. Many of us have a difficult time saying no, even when we’re overwhelmed with things to do. We may say yes from a desire to please, but in the end we often feel resentful, frustrated and angry with ourselves. Remember that you have a right to decline any request, even if it’s reasonable.

Try taking some time before you answer. Let people know you need to think it over or check with family or your boss.

Say “Thanks for calling, and I’m grateful you thought of me, but I can’t take on any more tasks.”

Always remember: you are saying no to the task, not rejecting the person. It’s called self-care.

Source: Molly Ross, executive director, Integris James L. Hall Jr. Center for Mind, Body and Spirit

4 healthy reasons to take

your workout outdoors

Sunlight, fresh air, green trees — an outdoor workout sounds like a vacation. And we promise that your treadmill won’t get offended if you ditch the incline and hit a natural hill every once in awhile. Running, biking or even bringing your dumbbells to your deck does a body (and a mind) quite a bit of good. Here are four reasons to feel the breeze on your face and take your workout outdoors:

Improve mood: Feeling blue? Then go green. Just five minutes of exercise in a “green space” like a park can boost mood and self-esteem, according to researchers in the United Kingdom. Bonus: Go blue, too! The biggest mental health booster was found when the “green space” contained a lake or a river.

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