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Health and fitness briefs

Health and fitness briefs, May 6
Oklahoman Published: May 6, 2014


Try this

Spend a few minutes each day creating a state of serenity and peace, and you will feel good the entire day.

Feeling good involves peace toward yourself and those around you. There is no happiness greater than peace. Peace is letting go of those things you cannot change. We all have the opportunity to practice peace in our hearts and minds, in our actions and deeds and in our words and how we behave. Peace is feeling good about yourself and others.

Breathe deep and find the peace in you.

Source: Molly Ross, executive director,

Integris James L. Hall Jr. Center for Mind, Body and Spirit

Train your brain with exercise

We all know a trip to the gym can burn calories, build strength and improve heart health, but it doesn’t stop there. When you’re on a Stairclimber working your glutes, you’re also working your mental muscles. That’s right, just like a Sudoku, exercise trains your brain! Here are three ways to get a brain boost from your next sweat session:

•Improve cognitive function. A study published in Brain and Cognition journal found that after 30 minutes on an exercise bike, test subjects completed cognitive evaluations faster than they did before exercising — and just as accurately. A different study found that adults ages 55 to 80 who exercised regularly performed four times better on cognitive tests than control groups who didn’t. So that spin class may do more than produce killer calves.

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