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Health studies' funders get results they seek

Published: January 23, 2013

In response to J. William Kinsinger (Your Views, Jan. 12): A recent magazine article claims people who remain sexually active enjoy better health and increased longevity. Using Kinsinger's logic, perhaps government assistance should be withheld from priests, nuns and those who otherwise refrain from boudoir rendezvous — especially “those in the lower socioeconomic sectors of society.”

Kinsinger's unsubstantiated claim as to the “true primary cause of skyrocketing costs within our health care system” makes Chicken Little believable by comparison. We all know the ease with which so-called scientific studies can and do produce practically any results desired by their funders. Then there are those who claim smokers have a much shorter lifespan — thus saving society trillions in long-term medical care expense — to say nothing of their shortened Social Security benefits.

As a 75-year-old lifetime smoker (since age 12), I'll gladly compare my used sick leave and medical history costs to any of my upper “socioeconomic sector” peers.

Don Nashert, Oklahoma City