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  • Outstanding Seniors: Better as the days go by

    Keith Dobbs | Updated: 21 hr ago

    She's 99, looks like a runway model, and yet is sweet as chocolate, which just happens to be her favorite.

  • Oklahoma's youth drug overdose death rate has tripled over the past decade

    Jaclyn Cosgrove | Updated: Thu, Nov 19, 2015

    Oklahoma had the 14th highest rate of youth drug overdose deaths in the nation from 2011 to 2013, with a rate of nine deaths per 100,000 youth, ages 12 to 25, according to a report released Thursday. Meanwhile, the national rate was seven deaths per 100,000. Additionally,...

  • OSU focuses on improving health literacy across rural Oklahoma

    By Oklahoma State University | Updated: Fri, Nov 13, 2015

    November is National Caregivers Month but OSU researchers tackle health care issues year round

  • Universal Health Care on Colorado 2016 Ballot

    Published: Tue, Nov 10, 2015

    Supporters of universal health care have gathered enough signatures to put on next year's ballot a plan to make Colorado the first state to opt out of the federal health law and replace it with taxpayer-funded coverage for all. Proponents submitted 158,831 qualified signatures, about 60,000...

  • Oklahoma hospital fights Blue Cross over insurance contract

    By Jaclyn Cosgrove The Oklahoman Staff Reports | Updated: Sun, Nov 8, 2015

    Bristow Medical Center opened the Center for Orthopaedic Reconstruction and Excellence in Jenks in July, but is unable to accept Blue Cross patients because the insurer has so far denied the hospital a contract.

  • Q&A with Brandon Long

    PAULA BURKES BUSINESS WRITER | Updated: Sat, Nov 7, 2015

    Federal budget deal repeals controversial piece of Obamacare

  • Too many Oklahoma babies born too soon, report shows

    Jaclyn Cosgrove | Updated: Fri, Nov 6, 2015

    One out of every 10 babies born in Oklahoma in 2014 were born preterm, putting them at a higher risk for developing serious health complications and dying before their first birthday, a report released Thursday shows. Oklahoma received a "C" from the March of Dimes in the the...

  • Supreme Court takes on 4th review of 5-year-old Obama health care law; focus is birth control

    Published: Fri, Nov 6, 2015

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is wading into its fourth dispute over President Barack Obama's 5-year-old health care overhaul. The latest "Obamacare" case involves objections by faith-based hospitals, colleges and charities to the process the administration devised to spare them from...

  • Oklahoma's next mental health debate: assisted outpatient treatment

    Jaclyn Cosgrove | Updated: Wed, Nov 4, 2015

    Over the next few months, mental health advocates will push for state lawmakers to pass laws regarding a type of mental health treatment that isn't often used in Oklahoma, known as assisted outpatient treatment.  Assisted outpatient treatment is court-ordered treatment,...

  • MAP: Where uninsured Oklahomans live

    Published: Fri, Oct 30, 2015

    Thousands of Oklahomans, especially in eastern Oklahoma, remain uninsured, a New York Times analysis released Friday shows. Meanwhile, states where lawmakers have been more willing to promote the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare," and accept changes that came with the federal health care law...

  • Oklahoma sees decline in rate of uninsured children, although rate remains high

    Jaclyn Cosgrove | Updated: Thu, Oct 29, 2015

    Oklahoma had the 45th highest rate of children who were uninsured in 2014, a report released Wednesday shows. The report analyzed how different provisions in the Affordable Care Act have potentially affected the rate of uninsured children.  Overall, the children’s uninsured...

  • Outstanding Seniors: A powerful voice

    Keith Dobbs | Updated: Sat, Oct 24, 2015

    What sounded like gibberish to most is exactly what has saved troops on the front lines.

  • Join us for a discussion about mental illness in Oklahoma

    Jaclyn Cosgrove | Updated: Wed, Oct 21, 2015

    Each day, thousands of Oklahomans struggle to find consistent, quality care for their mental illnesses or substance abuse issues. As part of our ongoing coverage on these issues, The Oklahoman will host a conversation on Wednesday at 12:15 p.m. with local experts in our...

  • PLICO adapts to a changing healthcare landscape

    Matthew J. Moore | Updated: Mon, Oct 12, 2015

    PLICO, the state’s largest medical liability carrier, has had a busy few months. In August, PLICO hosted EXPLORE: Oklahoma Healthcare Summit, Oklahoma’s largest annual healthcare conference. In September, PLICO joined the Berkshire Hathaway family in a deal that is expected to benefit PLICO,...

  • How heroin is hitting the foster care system

    Published: Mon, Oct 12, 2015

    Timothy Dick’s office receives all kinds of reports of child abuse and neglect. Perhaps a child has a broken bone, or is underfed, or has been left home alone for too long. But when caseworkers drive to the child’s home to investigate, they often discover the same root cause. “What we’re...

  • Oklahoma sees increase in babies dying before a month of life

    Jaclyn Cosgrove | Updated: Wed, Oct 7, 2015

    Oklahoma has seen an increase in the rate of babies dying before they reach a month of life, data from the state Health Department shows.  Terry Cline, the state health commissioner, said at Tuesday's state Board of Health meeting that the increase in the rate of babies dying before a...

  • Mental health and addiction in Oklahoma: Numbers to know

    Jaclyn Cosgrove | Updated: Wed, Sep 30, 2015

    Oklahoma spends less on mental health per capita than most other states in the United States. Recently, a study funded by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration outlined how each state and the District of Columbia spends money to cover mental health and substance...

  • ER care can be important 'safety net' for patients with schizophrenia, report shows

    Jaclyn Cosgrove | Updated: Mon, Sep 28, 2015

    Emergency room care might serve as a safety net for patients with schizophrenia not otherwise receiving care, a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report found.  The CDC report also found that the rate of men coming to the ER for treatment of schizophrenia...

  • After 18 years of addiction, Oklahoma City man offers hope to others

    By Jaclyn Cosgrove Staff Writer | Updated: Sun, Sep 27, 2015

    Ernest Long is a peer recovery support specialist, hired and trained by the Oklahoma mental health agency, to work at The Recovery Center, 1215 NW 25, Oklahoma City, to help addicts get clean.

  • 'Our neighborhoods, workplaces and schools expose people, especially poor people, to less choices of healthy foods'

    Published: Fri, Sep 25, 2015

    Obesity, with all its dire health consequences, is hitting some ethnic groups harder than others, NPR reports. Oklahoma is one of 33 states where the prevalence of obesity among black residents is 35 percent or greater, a recently released report from Centers for Disease Control and...

  • Report: Most Americans will get a wrong or late diagnosis

    Published: Tue, Sep 22, 2015

    Most Americans will get a wrong or late diagnosis in their lifetimes, a new study finds, often with devastating effects, NBC News reports. "Everyone will experience one meaningful diagnostic error in their lifetime," Dr. John Ball, chairman of the Committee on Diagnostic Error in...

  • Join us for a conversation about autism insurance mandate in Oklahoma

    Jaclyn Cosgrove | Updated: Mon, Aug 24, 2015

    This past week, I wrote a story about a Tulsa family that plans to move to Texas at the end of the year to better ensure they can get health insurance to cover therapy for their 3-year-old son with autism.  Under Texas law, health insurance companies must cover applied behavior...

  • Physicians should use state prescription drug monitoring programs, medical association says

    By JACLYN COSGROVE Staff Writer | Published: Sun, Aug 16, 2015

    Dr. Patrice A. Harris said in the coming year the association’s Task Force to Reduce Opioid Abuse will recommend several evidence-based solutions — solutions based on a combination of scientific evidence, clinical expertise and patient needs.

  • Options are limited for treating mental illness in teens, children

    By JACLYN COSGROVE Staff Writer | Updated: Mon, Aug 3, 2015

    Sometimes Dr. Timothy Newton wishes he had a “phone-a-friend” option. The 32-year-old family practice physician works out of a clinic in Cherokee, a northwest Oklahoma town of about 1,600 people. About one-fifth of the children that he sees have a mental health issue, whether it be...

  • In Medicaid expansion states, some public hospitals find solid financial footing

    Published: Thu, Jul 23, 2015

    In states that have expanded their Medicaid programs, some large, public hospitals are finding themselves on solid financial footing for the first time in decades, and formerly uninsured patients are now getting regular care, Reuters reports. Nonprofit hospitals in the 30 states that...