Healthy seniors deserve discounted premiums

Published: August 24, 2013

Why should a healthy senior who has taken care of himself pay the same amount for health insurance as a person who smoked, drank and didn't exercise?

The healthy senior has to pay for the medical treatment for the senior who's dumb enough to take up those bad habits. During World War II, the military handed out free cigarettes to calm our nerves. How dumb can you get? Who in his right mind would think that smoking is good for you? In the Navy, it was traditional for sailors to go ashore and get drunk. This was supposed to relax us. How dumb can you get? Those guys thought drinking that rotgut later would be good for you? How's your liver now, cool guys? Exercise? That's for suckers! Lie back down and relax. Exercise will kill you! Have you heard that? How much do you weigh now? How does your back feel? Heart problem? Wonder why?

I'm a 90-year-old veteran. No arthritis, diabetes, lung cancer, liver problems, bad back, depression, etc. I exercise daily, no liquor or cigarettes. I feel good. I used common sense. Should I pay the same health insurance premium as those “cool” guys?

Ike Franklin, Oklahoma City

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