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Heart pulse screenings for newborns get support in Oklahoma

Moms show up at legislative committee hearing backing a measure that would require pulse oximetry screenings on all newborns.
BY MICHAEL MCNUTT Published: February 13, 2013

“We certainly don't oppose pulse oximetry for newborns, but we believe this can be done by rule,” she said. “We believe that our hospitals are providing this standard of care today.”

The test consists of putting a band on a finger or toe to get a percentage reading of how much oxygen is in the infant's blood, according to the American Heart Association. If the oxygen is low, that would signal more tests are necessary and that there could be a heart problem.

Brown, 27, said she sensed something was wrong with Fayelen just days after they both were home. She took the baby to her doctor once a week.

“Finally at 3 months old, she basically crashed,” Brown said.

“They determined she needed immediate open-heart surgery and she was life-flighted by jet to Dallas immediately and had open-heart surgery. Her repair is holding and she's much better now.”