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Here's 10 reasons why riding a bike may be way to go

By John Williams Published: May 15, 2008
Friday is Bike To Work Day in Edmond.

If you need motivation to get involved, just take a look at the latest gas prices.

It's doubtful an event like this will turn a society dependent on the automobile into two-wheelers overnight, but one small step might just get you hooked again on the fun of bicycle riding.

About 100 Edmond bicyclists will pedal from the University of Central Oklahoma campus to Festival Market Place for free food and prizes. Nicole Westbrook, staff assistant to the mayor and council, said she is looking forward to riding her bike Friday. She said she already rides 75 to 100 miles a week just for the exercise.

I confess it's been a long time since I've been on a bicycle. I seem to remember my last bike had a banana seat, high-rise handlebars and a Joe Pepitone baseball card smacking the spokes.

In addition to the health and money saving benefits of bike riding, let me give you my top 10 reasons why you should consider riding your bike to work:

10. You get to wear a snazzy helmet and biking shorts.

9. It's easier to read lost dog and garage sale signs posted on telephone poles from a bike.

8. You can thumb your nose at the guy changing the gas price signs.

7. Try popping a wheelie in a Hyundai.

6. Use the money you save on fewer visits to the doctor to buy something nice — like tassels or a basket for your handlebars.

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