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Heritage India brings new flavors to Edmond

From its lunch buffet to its dinner service, Heritage India brings the subcontinent's cuisine to Edmond.
by Dave Cathey Modified: August 1, 2012 at 2:33 pm •  Published: August 2, 2012

Daily, you'll find eight vegetarian dishes on the buffet. The simple mixture of peas and carrots infused with toasted chile is sublime. Aloo Gobi is a wonderful potato-cauliflower dish scented with turmeric, Paneer is a delicious cheese you'll find either melted with vegetables or squared and grilled on a skewer. Daal Makhani, a lentil-based dish, goes beautifully with fresh Naan, Indian fry bread, like flour tortillas and frijoles refritos.

The buffet also includes rotating meat-based dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, a curry or two of the day and Tandoori Chicken, which is cooked in a built-in indoor fire pit. You'll also find a dessert such as Gulab Jamun, which is akin to doughnut holes dipped in syrup.

Dinner is when chef Gomes gets his chance to show off. The buffet is dropped in favor of an a la carte menu, which works great for small parties but can be an inspired feast for groups of four or more with like tastes or adventurous palates.

Choose from Tandoori and kebab dishes served on sizzling platters with an array of curries including a shrimp version served in a hollowed-out coconut. Naans come in nine varieties; I recommend the garlic. Any of them are crucial to the sopping necessary to leave a happy plate.

Heritage India has a selection of authentic beverages they serve alongside the necessary arsenal of iced tea and soda pop. Fresh lime soda, Madras coffee, Masala tea, Falooda and Lassi are among the authentic drinks. In this heat, there are few more refreshing drinks in the metro area than a Mango Lassi. The menu also includes exotic desserts such as Pistachio Malai and simple like ice cream.

Heritage India opens at 11:30 daily, the buffet ends at 2 p.m., dinner service ends at 9 p.m. For more information, call 286-9972.