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He’s Our You – A Lost discussion with George Lang and Matt Price

by Matthew Price Modified: April 22, 2013 at 3:23 pm •  Published: March 26, 2009

In something of a blog crossover — think of those classic Justice League/Justice Society team-ups — George Lang of Staticblog and I, Matt Price of Nerdage, will share some thoughts on this week’s episode of “Lost,” “He’s Our You.”  As the episode begins, Sayid has been captured by the Dharma Initiative, and Sawyer plans to save him.  Plans are afoot to continue this as a regular feature if interest continues. Spoilers ahead.


MATT: Well, I feel like this episode wasn’t perhaps as awesome as the last two — there was simply a lot of moving pieces into place for that final shot.  Still, I did notice some interesting things.

1. Sawyer’s beard coming back. 

MATT: Since Jack and crew returned to the island, Sawyer is looking more like Sawyer and less like LaFleur.
GEORGE: Kate just brings out the beard in him. Makes him all hairy and man-musky, instead of looking, ’77 stylee, like he’s ready to sit in with America on a lovely rendition of “Ventura Highway.”

2. Kate and Juliet
MATT: Maybe they should just rock-paper-scissors?
GEORGE: Yeah, except that in Juliet’s case, it would be suture scissors. Rock-paper-scissors would be one option, but Kate’s handy with guns and rigging explosives, and Juliet, as a medical professional, probably knows how to make Kate’s death look like an accident — at least to your average or below-average Dharmanians. Juliet basically has squatter’s rights (in the “possession is 9/10ths of the law” sense, perv) on this one, but Kate’s psychology is structured toward deviancy — she can get what she wants. Plus, Kate’s a good tracker, so Juliet can’t just run away. Kate has the upper hand.

3. What happens to the timeline?
MATT: Does Sayid’s action change the timeline, or was this what was always supposed to happen?  Is Ben dead in the future? Given the fact that the island brings back those it’s “not done with,” could Ben return?   Could Ben be saved by Jack, since the island now has a surgeon?
GEORGE: I personally hope that Lindelof and Cuse are killing off Ben, not because he’s not a sparkling personality or a good guy, but because it messes with Space-Time Continuum(tm) and paradoxes. Sure, Ben could be saved by Jack, but we’ve been there before. I want to see the world twist because Ben Linus isn’t around making googly eyes at us.

4. Why are the castaways in 1977, anyway?
MATT: My original theory was that they were there to prevent the slaying of the Dharma Initiative.  Then, I wondered if they were there to redeem Ben.  I don’t know if either theory got more credence with last night’s episode.
GEORGE: I don’t know if Ben’s redemption is what anyone is looking for — I think your original theory holds water. It certainly isn’t for the 13-percent interest rates of the “stagflation” era.

5. Callbacks
MATT: Sayid being tortured while Sawyer watches recalls Sayid’s torture of Sawyer in season 1.
GEORGE: But what’s missing is 12-year-old Ben Linus pushing up his bangs to reveal that he is, in fact, The Boy Who Lived, and that Sayid’s got nothing on Tom Riddle.

6. Why the crap
MATT: Why didn’t Sayid just go along with Sawyer’s plan? Why didn’t Sawyer just come out and make up some story about what Sayid told him?
GEORGE: It’s basic lack of trust, and Sayid’s not the kind of guy to go along with something unless massive torture, or Zuleikha Robinson in knee-high boots, or both, is involved.

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