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High school track: Bryce Robinson's track career at Edmond Memorial takes off after he finds stability

Bryce Robinson just needed a good place to go. He found it with the Billeter family, and when his grades and behavior improved, he became seriously involved in athletics
BY SCOTT WRIGHT Published: April 28, 2012

It was the boyfriend who kicked him out, Robinson said. He bounced around from day to day, hoping the situation would change so that he could be with his family again.

But it never happened.

Shawn and Tammy Billeter already had a busy life with two teenage daughters, Ashton and Kelsie, but they offered Robinson a place to stay.

“We knew there would be some influence that wouldn't be very positive in his life,” Shawn said. “So we offered an extra room for him to stay in until we could figure out what was going to happen.”

Robinson had lived with them for a while before anyone began to consider the idea of it becoming a permanent situation.

“We took several weeks before we even offered it,” Shawn said. “We wanted to make sure everyone was 100 percent comfortable with it. When we offered it to him, he just beamed. He was so excited.”

Eventually, the Billeters began the process to take legal guardianship of Robinson, and his mother cooperated in signing the documents to make it official.

“He's so appreciative, and an awesome son. But he has blessed us way more than we've blessed him,” Shawn said.

Added Tammy: “We've watched him grow, but honestly, we've grown more.”

The Billeters originally met Robinson because he was dating Ashton. Obviously, that relationship had to end if Robinson was going to live in the home.

Shawn wanted to make it clear that Robinson would be treated the same as if he had been their child all along.

“We had to pray that we wouldn't treat him different, because a lot of people could since he's not our birth child,” Tammy said. “The love we have for him is no different than the love we have for our girls.”

Watching his turnaround has been a special experience for the Billeters, who credit God for having His hand on the situation.

Had Robinson kept on his previous path, he wouldn't even be academically eligible for a Division I college scholarship right now. The football coaches originally weren't going to allow him to come out last fall, because of his bad influence when he played as a freshman.

But now, he has become the model of what a student-athlete should be.

“It's just amazing to see how God has totally transformed him,” Tammy said. “And Bryce let Him. He was ready for it to happen. He sees that it's just the little things in life, that if you don't just focus on your situation, you can always go somewhere in life.”

Robinson has no contact with his birth mother now, despite the fact that she lives and works nearby in Edmond — “I just don't feel like that's the best thing for me,” he said.

He has a new family now. He doesn't live with Shawn and Tammy Billeter. He lives with his Mom and Dad, and their parental support has brought Robinson a new life.

“I was a person that didn't do the right things,” he said. “I was going in the total wrong direction. Then I met this family. They took me in, introduced me to God, and it's been such an amazing, amazing thing. God has worked so many miracles in my life.”