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High school wrestlers affected by IOC decision

Not have the Olympics to shoot for would disappoint up-and-coming wrestlers.
By Anthony Slater Published: February 12, 2013

It's a conversation Jones, and many other coaches across the state, country and even world will likely be forced into during the coming weeks.

With no professional league, the Olympics have become the pinnacle of wrestling. The stage many aspire to reach. A dream that, for the foreseeable future, is no longer there.

“Some of them already know and have asked me about it,” Edmond North coach Andrew Schneider said. “They're just as disappointed as we are. We actually had a wrestler from our program, Teyon Ware, who made the world team a few years ago, he was right there, trying out for the Olympics this past year. So now not having that, it's really going to be a big shock.

“Especially our guys,” Schneider continued. “We've got some higher-level guys with big aspirations, beyond high school wrestling and this may have to make them rethink that.”