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High schools: Football brings back some normalcy for Southmoore players

Playing ball is part of moving on after the May 20 tornado.
BY STEPHANIE KUZYDYM, Staff Writer, Published: September 4, 2013

That suppression started three months and two weeks before the official start of football season, though.

It's part of moving on. It's part of the healing process. It's part of returning to “normal,” whatever that really is.

That's why Brickman's found himself and his team back in football mode because football does matter as much as he thought. The home of a football field was what 22 of his players, who have to drive from near and far, turned to when they no longer had their own family home. That's why they're back to pushing their team to strive harder, to make that right block and to sometimes yell.

 It comes with the job of a head high school football coach, whose main job, first and foremost, is to be a teacher. Brickman admitted that sometimes his job is stressful. Some days he doesn't eat lunch to make his practice plan. And there's the pressure that the certain people put on a coach and a coach puts on himself.

“Sometimes when I feel a lot of pressure like that I think of that day,” Brickman said of May 20. “I think, ‘Hey all that really matters is Are you a good Christian person? Are you taking care of your family? You go home. You have a house to go home to. You have a wife and kid. Everybody's safe and it gives me a little bit of comfort.”

 He does it in the name of happiness and to him and his Southmoore players, football is happiness.