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High schools: Prospect D.J. Ward's eligibility at Southmoore in question

Another hardship waiver request with the OSSAA might be needed. Until then, the defensive lineman can only sit and watch.
by Ryan Aber Published: September 2, 2012

This rule popped up a couple years ago with the Daxx Garman situation at Jones High. Garman had been granted a waiver to attend Carl Albert but had not filed for one when the family moved to Jones. That waiver was subsequently denied when it was filed for retroactively.

If the second waiver is denied, what are the options?

His eligibility should still be valid at Douglass, although he'd have to re-enroll and would be subject to sitting out 15 days from competition. He could also appeal the ruling to the OSSAA's board of directors if the staff denies hardship. That group meets Wednesday, although paperwork might not be filed requesting the waiver until Tuesday, due to the holiday.

And if the second waiver is approved?

Ward would be eligible to participate in the SaberCats' third game of the season, against Moore on Sept. 14. He would have to sit out Friday's game against Westmoore in accordance with the OSSAA's 15-day rule.

Could Ward have remained at Lawton?

If his family would've moved to Oklahoma City, Ward could've remained at Lawton, since his eligibility had been established there and because he is a senior

An underclassman must change schools if their parent or guardians move unless it's during the year (can remain at old school until the end of the semester) or is entering or in the 12th grade, then they can stay for the entire year.