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High-tech robotics to be built in city

BY JIM STAFFORD Published: October 31, 2008
uot;Yet, the problem I see is that they are not manufactured here. What I’m hoping to do is see you folks who are experts change that so that we will actually be doing a lot of that in Oklahoma.”

State connections

Speakers representing Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory described the technologies under development in their labs and OrthoCare’s role in the process.

"Here in Oklahoma there are three connections, at least, to our team,” said Stuart Harshbarger, team leader at the Johns Hopkins lab for an $80 million, federal project called Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009.

"One started with Martin Bionics. Jay Martin (Martin Bionics’ founder) has been involved, and his team is developing new body attachment and socket technologies that will hopefully lead to the long-term viability of these systems. We also had a parallel relationship with OrthoCare Innovations ... and it is very fortunate that the synergy of OrthoCare and Martin Bionics came together.”

Lonnie Love, senior research scientist at the Oak Ridge lab, demonstrated the muscle power of a technology called "meso fluidics” using Sen. Inhofe as a test subject.