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History shows Native Americans benefited nation

Published: May 19, 2012

In response to Elliott Doane (Your Views, May 13): American Indians have made many contributions so Doane could enjoy the freedoms he so loves. The U.S. Constitution is based on the Iroquois Confederacy's laws. What about the Native American Code Talkers during World War II against the Japanese? Otherwise Doane might be speaking German today. Per capita, we've sent more of our warriors to fight for a country that only recently granted us tribal self-government rights. Today, our tribes contribute millions to the economy of Oklahoma and the nation. Without us, many small towns would dry up due to a lack of revenue.

We pay taxes and health insurance premiums. We take out student loans, own homes and contribute much to society. Our casinos also provide much-needed jobs, not only to our tribal members, but to non-Indians as well. Doane needs to come up to the 21st century and do what his people made ours do — assimilate.

Chris Tall Bear, Norman