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Oklahoman Published: April 7, 2012



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S.C. Johnson now offers popular cleaning products in concentrated form. The company introduced 2.9-ounce bottles of Windex, Fantastik, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles and Shout Carpet concentrates. A bottle of concentrate is mixed with water to fill a trigger spray bottle. The bottles use 79 percent less plastic than a standard bottle, and the smaller amounts of liquid require less fuel to transport, the company says. The concentrates are available only online at A single bottle of concentrate is $2.50, a trigger bottle is 50 cents and a starter kit is $5, containing two bottles of one type of concentrate and a trigger bottle. Shipping is $3.


‘Rain Gardens'

clean water

As the cost of sewage treatment rises, reducing stormwater runoff becomes a more pressing issue. One of the most attractive ways to address the problem is a rain garden, a landscaping feature that collects runoff and helps to clean the water naturally. Horticulturist Lynn M. Steiner and hydrology scientist Robert W. Domm introduce readers to this form of landscaping in “Rain Gardens: Sustainable Landscaping for a Beautiful Yard and Healthy World.” They explain the benefits, offer instructions and tips. “Rain Gardens” is published by Voyageur Press and sells for $24.99 in softcover.

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