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  1. Why should I register/create a NewsOK account?
    Creating a NewsOK account will allow you to login to NewsOK and submit letters to the Editor. Your NewsOK account allows you to update your profile settings and receive newsletters. You can choose from the following newsletters: Breaking News Headlines, Daily News Headlines, Entertainment Headlines, Account Updates, Parties Extra, Recipes, Specials-Discounts, Sports Headlines, Business, Commercial Real Estate, Obituaries, Mood, Thunder Headlines, OU Headlines, and OSU Headlines. If you are a print subscriber, you can also use your NewsOK login to get free Full Access to all of our digital products:, The Oklahoman for iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets, The Oklahoman Print Replica, and The Oklahoman Archives.
  2. Do I need an account number to register for NewsOK?
    No. However, if you are a subscriber to The Oklahoman print edition, you will need your Customer Number to activate your free Full Access to all of our digital products:, The Oklahoman for iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets, The Oklahoman Print Replica, and The Oklahoman Archives. You can look up your Customer Number when go to the Subscribe menu option on NewsOK and Activate your Free Full Access.
  3. What's the difference between and is a premium reading experience designed exclusively for our print and digital subscribers. It's a streamlined news presentation with day-by-day navigation to articles and related content like photos and videos. is a traditional website that contains breaking news, sports, weather, entertainment, blogs, and more.
  4. How do I retrieve my Customer Number if I do not have it?
    If you are unsure of your Customer Number, click on the “click here to look it up” function in your Profile Settings. You will need to provide your house number ONLY, for example, “1400”, and also the phone number listed on your print delivery account. You can also call 1-877-98-PAPER (1-877-987-2737) to inquire about your Customer Number.
  5. As a subscriber to The Oklahoman, how do I get free Full Access to The Oklahoman's digital products?
    Select Subscribe from the NewsOK menu. Click the Activate button on the Free Full Access offer, and follow the instructions. Using your NewsOK account, you'll go through a couple of steps that will validate that you're a print subscriber. Then, you'll be sent to a page from which you can link to all the digital products.
  6. How do I comment on an Article?
    In order to comment on a NewsOK article, you will need to log into your Facebook account. Please note the "Show/Hide Comments" panel at the bottom of the article. You may need to click on this to see comments. If you are logged in, you may check the “Open by default” option so comments will always show.
  7. Why am I unable to comment on some articles?
    Not all articles are open for commenting. Please take some time to read our Commenting and Posting Policy and Terms of Use at the following link:
  8. How do I sign up to receive newsletters from NewsOK?
    Login to your NewsOK Account.
    1. Go to your settings. At the top right side of your screen, you will a “My Settings” link.
    2. On your settings page, in the third column, you will see the “Email Newsletters” list.
    3. Select the newsletters you would like to receive by clicking on the check boxes.
    4. Click on the Save button.
  9. How do I unsubscribe from receiving newsletters from NewsOK?
    Login to your NewsOK Account.
    1. Go to your settings.
    2. Deselect the newsletters by un-checking your previous selections
    3. Click on the Save button.
  10. What is the difference between The Oklahoman Print Replica and The Oklahoman for iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets apps?
    The Oklahoman Print Replica is an exact replica of the printed version of The Oklahoman. It provides all the articles, photos, and advertising as they appear in the newspaper. The iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets editions provide articles from all sections of the daily paper plus loads of extra photos and videos. Also, the user interface has been designed to provide a streamlined experience on smartphones and tablets.
  11. Is it possible to login to two iPads or iPhones with the same subscription?
    Yes, it is possible. Your iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets subscription is not tied to a specific device. This is intentional and is offered as a courtesy to our users, so users can temporarily use another device. We realize that this has the potential to be abused, so we ask our users to please obey the rules. You are welcome to share the subscription with your immediate family within the household. For all others, please don't share your login.
  12. Why am I unable to swipe to the rest of the article on my iPad? When I swipe, I go to the next page.
    You may be swiping in the wrong spot on the article. You should only swipe your finger across the text to get the rest of the article. If you are swiping across the page instead of the text, it will take you to the next section and not the next part of the article text. If this happens, you can swipe the other direction (left to right instead of right to left) which will take you back to the article you were reading.
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