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‘Homefront' game looks at future U.S. resistance

A reunified Korea invades United States in the video game “Homefront,” written by John Milius.
BY MATTHEW PRICE Published: March 23, 2011

“They attack the United States with an electromagnetic pulse weapon, and that is a very real-world threat,” Dickson said. “It knocks out all electricity and computer devices and shuts down all communication.”

This allows the Korean army to mount an incursion into the United States.

“The Koreans don't do a full-scale invasion of the United States; they go after pockets here and there,” trying to take over resource-heavy areas, Dickson said.

The game was written by Milius, who co-wrote the film “Apocalypse Now” and wrote and directed “Red Dawn.”

“While ‘Red Dawn' is closest in terms of its depiction of civilian resistance, ‘Apocalypse Now' ... was much closer to what we were going for in terms of tone,” Dickson said. “This is a very dark, serious game. We wanted to get away from the ... thrill-a-minute action movie.”

Milius established the arc and created a strong focus on the civilian storyline. The players take on the role of a civilian resistance force in Colorado.

“He's been giving us feedback constantly on what would make sense for resistance fighters, and things that a civilian resistance would be capable of versus a professional soldier and squad.”

Dickson said many Americans are used to living in a resource-rich environment, and one of the questions the game wants players to ask themselves is how they might react in a dangerous, desperate situation.

“We're trying to pull on that emotion and ask that question. ... Maybe it's very unlikely that we could ever be invaded, but what if?” Dickson said. “And you know, even just asking that question makes people very uncomfortable. But that's exactly what the game is all about.”


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