Homeland security probes unscreened bags in Hawaii

Associated Press Published: October 10, 2012

The 50-page report dated Sept. 27 said the TSA had a fragmented and inconsistent process for developing and evaluating changes to baggage screening, and this may have contributed to the problem.

Further, it said TSA management at headquarters and in Honolulu didn't provide the staffing and more efficient equipment needed for screening.

For example, the report said TSA management had security officers move bags for screening to another area 500 feet away because they didn't have enough machines. The officers had to load bags onto carts, move the carts through crowds of passengers, unload the bags, screen them and then take the luggage back to where they picked them up.

The TSA in a statement Tuesday it recently reviewed job duties and responsibilities to update position descriptions for checked baggage supervisors and managers.

The agency said it launched a new training course in July designed to help supervisors establish a leadership presence while on duty.