Honoring veterans as important as honoring MLK

Published: November 17, 2013

It was great to observe Nov. 11 as the tribute to veterans of all our wars. Too many of them never came back to their homes and loved ones and too many came back with parts of their bodies missing. And some came back with memories of atrocities such as bombings that would tear bodies apart.

On Veterans Day I was surprised to see the yellow warning lights turned on in front of Westmoore High School indicating that school was in session. I thought maybe the city just forgot to turn the lights off and school was out that day. As I traveled farther south I noticed the same situation at another school. Please don't tell me that schools don't teach their students about the freedoms and privileges they enjoy as a result of the courage, pain and suffering the men and women of war suffered.

If schools are closed to honor Martin Luther King Jr., they most certainly should be closed to honor the veterans who fought, were maimed and died to give King the freedom to demonstrate for civil rights.

William E. Zales Sr., Oklahoma City