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Horse slaughter better than starvation

Published: February 27, 2013

Regarding “Horse slaughter measures advance” (News, Feb. 21): A big thank you to the Legislature for considering and hopefully passing legislation to allow horse processing in the state. Yes, it's time to do the sensible, kind and humane thing — reopen American horse processing plants so horse abandonment, neglect and starvation can end or be greatly reduced. Horses that are unwanted by anyone else for any other purpose must have a fair market value if the horse industry is to survive and if these animals aren't going to be abused or abandoned. Now, the only alternative is to send these poor horses on a 24-hour or longer journey to Mexico in crowded semi trucks for a questionable end.

We can't make unwanted horses disappear. We can't make people give them proper feed and care when they don't want or can't afford them. There are fates much worse than a quick end afforded by a well-run, well-supervised processing plant. I hope the Legislature gives horses and horsemen that chance.

Cheryl Bayens, Sulphur