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Hot Home Feature: Farmhouse Wood Floors

Published on NewsOK Published: January 21, 2013

Buying reclaimed lumber, already laquered and ready to go: Steve, a home improvement and remodeling expert from Denver, posted this link to Viridian Reclaimed Wood on If you're going the conventional flooring installation route, all you need to do is purchase nice, normal flooring lumber that just happens to be made from reclaimed wood and stained to look like conventional (and rustic, if you're into that) flooring, and then have your flooring contractor install it. For some people, time is money, and there is something to be said for convenience.

Installing an actual reclaimed barnwood floor, from your own barn: Right, so then there are those people who actually own an old barn, like Rachel from The Rehomesteaders. I'm not romanticizing it, since I know that tearing down a barn and harvesting floorboards from it is not exactly a walk in the park , but at the same time, let us all take a moment to sigh.

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