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  • Today's interns, tomorrow's leaders

    Aimee Williams, Edmond Santa Fe High School | Published: Sat, May 1, 2010

    Today, schools in Edmond are offering opportunities for students to jumpstart their future careers so high school students can begin their professions before they receive their diplomas. Edmond Santa Fe senior Sadie Rosenthal is involved in the school’s Professional Internship Program....

  • School budget cuts

    By Victoria Garten, Moore High School | Updated: Mon, May 3, 2010

    School officials in districts facing budget cuts are making crucial decisions in program funding. Budget shortfalls caused by the poor economy mean education of Oklahoma’s future leaders could hang in the balance. “The main focus points of education are being overlooked,” Carl Albert High...

  • Hungry to Help?

    An-Nam Tran, Dove Science Academy | Updated: Mon, May 3, 2010

    In Oklahoma, 1 in 5 kids is at risk of going to bed hungry each night, according to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. A national hunger study this year showed a 50 percent increase in demand for food from partner agencies of the Food Bank of Oklahoma, said Dawn Burroughs, a volunteer...

  • Who will win top state education job?

    Caela Pemberton, Harding Charter Prep | Updated: Mon, May 3, 2010

    Candidates for the Oklahoma state superintendent in this year’s election include a retired dentist, a state senator and the Enid public schools superintendent. Oklahoma's current state superintendent, Sandy Garrett, is stepping down after 20 years in office. Garrett announced her retirement...

  • Going Green

    Published: Sat, May 1, 2010

    What do you think about the green movement? →“I think it’s a good idea. I think people need to start cleaning up their act.” – Taylor Tyler, Piedmont High School senior →“I think it’s more of a scam than anything, so people can make money through processes like recycling.” – Kevin...

  • BIG kids now, BIG problems later

    Areebah Anwar, Mercy School Institute | Updated: Mon, May 3, 2010

    Nearly 1 in 3 Oklahoma children is obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and the condition could cause lifelong problems. Obesity increases the risk for problems like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and osteoarthritis, said Sandy Richardson of the University of...

  • Opinion: Teens have to find truth beyond the noise

    Isra Cheema, Mercy School Institute | Updated: Mon, May 3, 2010

    The news media has a dramatic impact on the world, offering facts and opinions on issues such as politics, religion and society. Adults seem to accept this, but what about the younger generation? “Being young is not an excuse for ignorance,” said Kenna Griffin, an assistant professor of mass...

  • One mother's mission for peace

    EMILY HOPKINS, Edmond North | Updated: Fri, Apr 30, 2010

    At the west end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., stands the prodigious Washington Monument, a worldwide symbol of American democracy and freedom. But across the street from this 555-foot obelisk is another symbol: Cindy Sheehan. Sheehan, founder of Peace of the Action, has set...

  • What's for lunch?

    Ashlee Harper, Deer Creek High School | Updated: Fri, Apr 30, 2010

    The two fried food lines of Deer Creek High School are chalk full of hundreds of students while the salad bar line has less than half that many students. This scene can be found in several schools in the area. Alanna Shack, a freshman at Deer Creek, describes the salad bar as serving...

  • Lion dance traditions draw all kinds

    An-Nam Tran, Dove Science Academy | Updated: Fri, Apr 30, 2010

    People of all cultures gather in the Asian District in northeast Oklahoma City during Chinese New Years to watch lion dances. Dancers perform for businesses, churches, temples and other locations to scare away evil spirits and bad luck and to promote good luck throughout the year. Also, lion...

  • Being Asian in Oklahoma

    By Hannah Bingham Edmond, Memorial High School | Updated: Fri, Apr 30, 2010

    Who hasn't eaten "Chinese food" or tasted green tea? Or used a product from Sony? Seen the logo for Hello Kitty? But how much do you know about Asian culture or about being an Asian-American in the United States? People of Asian descent make up 3.5 percent of the Oklahoma City...

  • Does learning still have clout?

    Jessica Williams, Edmond Santa Fe High School | Updated: Fri, Apr 30, 2010

    An AP English III class full of seniors was recently stumped over the definition of one word: clout. Most of the students were frustrated that they could miss such a simple question, and all wondered how it is relevant. Susan Davis, the teacher of this English class at Edmond Santa Fe High...

  • Letter from the Editors

    Updated: Fri, Apr 30, 2010

    From January to April, about 20 high school students from around the metro gather at The Oklahoman every Saturday morning to learn about the field of journalism at a program called Newsroom 101. Sponsored by The Oklahoman, Newsroom 101 gives students interested in journalism the chance to...

  • Sleep Deprived

    Lillie Roney Edmond, North High School | Updated: Fri, Apr 30, 2010

    There don’t seem to be enough hours in a day for many high school students, and crammed schedules can lead to sleep deprivation. When sleep deprived, people face grogginess, slowed reaction times and increased errors on visual tasks. “Students are sleep deprived for a variety of reasons,”...

  • To vote or not to vote?

    Zoha Qureshi, Mercy School Institute | Updated: Fri, Apr 30, 2010

    Living in America people are given a chance to make difference in the country, yet voting has decreased 20 percent during the past decade, according to the U.S. Census. America reached it voting peak in the 2008 presidential election when 65 percent of eligible voters cast their ballot,...


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