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Household Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

Published on NewsOK Published: February 13, 2013

Clean Garden Tools: Plant diseases can be transmitted from one plant to the next by garden tools. Four Season Garden and Landscaping, a landscaping company in Atlanta, suggests disinfecting garden tools like pruners with rubbing alcohol when changing between plants.

Clean Windows With Rubbing Alcohol: Whether you use it mixed simply with water, or mixed into a custom DIY window cleaning solution, rubbing alcohol cleans windows like a champ. There are more rubbing alcohol window cleaning ideas out there than I can link to. Google it and find one that looks good to you.

Clean Venetian Blinds With Rubbing Alcohol: Reader's Digest suggests cleaning Venetian blinds with rubbing alcohol. They say you can easily remove dirt and dust by wrapping a paint scraper in a cloth, securing the cloth with a rubber band, and dipping the cloth into rubbing alcohol.

Clean Your Cell Phone With Rubbing Alcohol Pads: Your smart phone is a basically a poop stick. I personally clean my smart phone with rubbing alcohol pads, you know, the ones that diabetics use to prep their fingers with before doing home blood tests. Rub an alcohol pad or two over the surface of your smart phone, then let it dry. Buff off the weird white film that it will leave with a paper towel. Alcohol prep pads are very handy to keep around for small cleaning jobs like this.

Bust Grime and Sticky Goo With Rubbing Alcohol: Sometimes it is enough to rub an alcohol pad on sticker goo. For bigger jobs, soak the goo-covered object in a bowl of rubbing alcohol, then scrub with a scrub pad. The label goo should slide right off.

Clean a Pipe: Apparently, people still smoke pipes. If you are inclined to look and smell like Sherlock Holmes and your pipe cleaner isn't cutting the mustard, quite a few commenters in the Pipes Magazine forum suggest cleaning a pipe with rubbing alcohol.

Remove Permanent Marker With Rubbing Alcohol: Rubbing alcohol is a decent solvent for permanent marker graffiti. Rub a cloth saturated in rubbing alcohol on the permanent marker graffiti from wood surfaces.

Clean Electronics With Rubbing Alcohol: Crunchy Betty, an experienced DIY cleaning product maker for both home and body, posted a detailed article on how to clean computers with rubbing alcohol. You basically make a spray of rubbing alcohol and distilled water, and you spray it onto a soft cloth and then gently wipe the screen. Never spray directly onto electronic equipment, and only use distilled water in the solution.

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