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How a potential lockout affects the 2011 NBA Draft

by Darnell Mayberry Published: June 21, 2011

A holding pattern: It's not only blockbuster deals that could fall by the wayside. Some of the smaller, more intricate trades might be held up as well. If a labor agreement isn't reached by June 30, the financial calendar won't reset as it normally does on July 1. That means money can no longer be used like it did in years past when cap space became available on July 1. As an example, the Thunder could only complete the trade with New Orleans that brought Cole Aldrich to OKC last summer when the books cleared for the following season and allowed the Thunder to take on Morris Peterson's contract with the cap space it had gained. With teams unsure of when this labor dispute might get resolved, it could potentially lead a good amount of GMs to turn down these intricate trade offers.

Trading down or out: To avoid all the chaos, headaches, uncertainty and unproven talent, some executives might simply look to wipe their hands clean of this draft. A few teams are reportedly looking to get into the first round or secure an additional first-round pick. But there are others who could take a pass altogether. We could see teams trade back into the second round and look for a steal there, or they could give up this year's assets for a selection next year or in future drafts. This much is clear. Every pick and every trade that's made this year will be made with a specific purpose.