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How to Turn an Average Bathroom into a Spa Bathroom

Published on NewsOK Published: January 14, 2013

Paint it in a neutral color palate: Bright colors are stimulating; neutral colors are more relaxing. You don't have to limit your color palate to white, beige, and brown -- take advantage of "the new neutrals".  Sophisticated, nature-inspired colors, like greys, greens, and blues, are also neutral. Avoid glossy paint; stick to eggshell finish paint. For inspiration, check out the light and colors painted by a Seattle painter in this healing, beautiful Seattle home.

Upgrade the linens and shower curtain: A favorite interior designer of mine took a look at my old-school pink tiled bathroom and said, "White linens." Was she ever right! Adding a white washed li nen shower curtain gave the room a feeling of serenity. Shower curtains take up prime real estate in bathrooms. The color and texture of the shower curtain really matter. The right color and texture can lighten, brighten, and harmonize the space; the wrong color or pattern can make the room look dowdy and dark. Fluffy matching towels, and a high-quality shower curtain made of natural fibers, can transform even an ugly pink tile bathroom like mine into a spa-like retreat.

Spray paint the fixtures: Nothing says "cheesy 1980's shmaltz" like the shiny faux-brass faucet handles and sink spigots of the era. To tone down dated fixtures, paint metal components with textured spray paint.

Have you turned your bathroom into a spa sanctuary? Tell us about it!

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